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A message from the founder

"If you're frustrated by a music industry that seems too hard to break into, you're not alone. The BIG secret is information...It's not who you know, it's what you know. People who know how to put their music out make money. People who don't know how, have to beg others to help them. It's as simple as that. HipHopBiz.com provides the information people like you have been using since 1992 to release their own music." —-Walt F.J. Goodridge, author of Change the Game & This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management

My name is Walt Goodridge. I started the Hip Hop Entrepreneur Company to give Hip Hop entrepreneurs the information and step-by-step guidelines to follow to turn their dreams into reality. It's as simple as that. As I said in the quote above, "HipHopBiz.com provides the information people like you have been using since 1992 to release their own music." Check out our top sellers and read how these unique products can help you!

What are the main benefits?

If you take the information I'm offering, and put it to use, a few unique things will start to happen. People will start to realize you're SERIOUS about living your dream. You'll have an actual product as well as a business as evidence of your talent and commitment. Imagine if an established label notices what you're doing and leaves a message on your voicemail with an offer... and you refuse it because you're doing much better than signing a record deal could ever create! You'll walk proud knowing that you didn't need fat cat record label executives to make your dream come true You'll be a role model others can look up to and follow. (But, be careful what you wish for! YOU might just become the one that others start coming to with their hands out!)

A little secret

Now let me share a little secret: The #1 reason a lot of talented rappers and producers will never get signed, and how YOU can avoid making that mistake! The #1 reason a lot of talented rappers and producers will never get signed is simply because they're waiting for someone to do it for them. They've fallen into the entitlement trap, and believe that someone with connections and money needs to give them a handout in order for them to be successful. That's simply not true. It wasn't true years ago when I first wrote the first edition of Change the Game, and it's not true now years later with the updated version which includes internet marketing and promotion.

I know exactly how you feel

When I started my label many years ago, it was because I knew I wanted to live a different life. I was the label owner, and my friends and partners were the rappers and producers, but we all felt the same way. We didn't want to live the rest of our lives knowing that our talent would go unheard, unappreciated and unrewarded. We didn't want to end up in nowhere jobs for the rest of our lives. We didn't want to look back and have others laugh at us and our unfulfilled dreams. We didn't want to get left behind.

It can be frustrating!

It can be frustrating when labels don't return your calls. It can be frustrating watching others with less talent get put on, and feeling like no one wants to help a newcomer to the industry. You're not alone.

You've got to act now!

When my partners and I were doing our record label thing, we were on a mission. Whenever something needed to get done, we did it with a sense of purpose and urgency. I don't think we ever said this out loud, but we knew time was running out. In this industry, at some point, unless you make the right moves and move in the right direction, your age will make you a "wannabe rapper" who missed the seat on the train that someone else took!

What will YOU gain after going through the steps in these manuals?

Whether you order Change the Game, or This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management, or The Hip Hop Entrepreneur Business Plan, you'll be taking an important step on the way to earning respect from your peers as they see you moving forward. You'll compliments and praise, and people may even be coming to YOU to have you produce or collaborate with them! You're only limited by what you can imagine.

Can it really work?

I'm going to tell you another little secret that people may think is a little politically incorrect to say out loud, and it's this. Some authors haven't lived the same experience that you have lived. As much as other authors may want to help you, there is a difference between managing rap artists and creating a hip hop label compared to doing the same for a rock label. Yes, some of the business basics are the same, but the day to day operations required for success in Hip Hop are different from Rock. Plain and simple. That's just the reality of life in America and the world. I talk about that in a preview of This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management ("Why Managing Rap Artists Is Different in the Music Industy"). Download preview of Management

Who is this for?

If you're running into road blocks getting noticed, this site and its unique products is for you. If you want to know how to start your own label and release your own music, this site is for you. If you want to get your talent out into the marketplace, this site can help you.

Who DOESN'T need this?

Of course, this site and its products ISN'T for everybody. Puffy doesn't need this site. 50 Cent doesn't need this site. And, if you're already parlayed your hip hop passion into profit, if you've already had a record sell and earn enough money to give you an independent stream of income, then YOU don't need this site either. Otherwise, if you're NOT Puffy or 50-Cent, it may be worth looking a little further.

New Information

I said before that information is key. However, you need different information than what may be available out there at this moment. The reason why you need different information is because the world is changing. If you're following the news, you can see that the RIAA is cracking down on file sharing. You'll see that CD sales are down. You'll see that Facebook, Twitter and the concept of social networking has taken hold all over the world. What you should recognize from all of this is something that the major labels already know, the landscape has changed, and you need to have a different strategy for music industry success. I'll suggest you read another preview, this time from Change the Game, titled "The Record Label of the Future." Download preview of Change the Game

I can't afford it

I'll tell you what a mentor of mine used to say to me when I used those words. He would say, "You can't afford NOT to purchase this!" In other words, if the only thing standing in the way of your potential success is a $49 investment, you can't afford to let that alone stop you from making the effort. How will you feel years from now if you tell people that you HAD the chance, but you let the cost of some valuable information stand in your way?

What could your life be like?

Imagine this. Imagine that you order and download or receive the hardcopy of the HipHop Entrepreneur Business Plan, Change the Game or This Game of Hip Hop Artist Management. (Downloading an ebook is an easy process. If you can receive emails and click on a link in the email, you can download an ebook!)

You start to take it one step at a time. You start to put the pieces together. You start to make the right moves. You set up your website and launch your company. You start to open up the lines of communication directly with the buying public and the industry. You start to get known. People respond to you, your label and your music in positive ways. They keep demanding more of what you're selling, and you keep giving them what they want! Your network of fans increases worldwide, people purchase and download your music! You parlay that success and expand into other business ventures and create an empire that lifts you out of your old life and into the one you've always dreamed about!

Now, instead, imagine that you reach 50 or 60 years old, and you're still dreaming of being a rapper! Everyone you know has found their niche and has moved forward in life and made their mark. Even if they're no longer rapping, they used it as the first step and a launching pad to bigger and better things. The choice is yours. I'll stop talking now and let you make that choice!

What customers are saying:

"...my first 5,000 units!"

"Your book is great! It helped me sell my first 5,000 units!"


Washington state,

"...absolutely incredible!"

"I'm already deep into Change The Game and this stuff is absolutely incredible! It's such a relief to see all these industry terms finally making some logical sense. Im only 18, I know I've got plenty of time to make this happen for myself but, Damn! Your book makes me feel like conquering the world is going to be easy.....I've got big plans man, I appreciate you helping me out!"--John D.



"...I signed my first two artists this month...!"

"I'm really glad you accepted my [Friend] request, I signed my first two artists this month, all off the strength of the knowledge I got from your book. You're so inspirational."



"...can't wait...to apply the knowledge!"

"Thanks for your concern and quick reply to [my] email.... I can't wait to return to the states and apply the knowledge that this book is giving me. Peace!"


380th Medical Group, Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can request and will receive a 100% money back refund.--Walt

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And decide between physical or digital!

The Power of the Paperback: Digital books (pdfs, ebooks for Kindles or Nooks) are great and convenient, but they do not have mass. They do not have the same power a physical book has to continuously transmit information via the senses of sight, touch, hearing (e.g., the sound of pages turning) and even smell. In other words, the paperback sitting on your shelf will continue to communicate and influence you even after you've read it! (And, it's much easier to share it with others!)

Start your own record label! Release your own music!

Yes, you can! Even in this digital age, the basics of launching, operating and succeeding at your independent music label are always the same! Get the guide that shows you how...step by step!

Change the gameis not just a title. It's a command, a reminder of how to stand out, as well as an affirmation (I change the game!)that you'll see and hear each time you glance at your shelf!

Manage Hip Hop artists!

As an artist manager, your job is to guide your artist's career, secure him/her a record deal or some route to financial independence through their creativity. You don't need to be an "expert" in the music industry to succeed. You just need to be an expert in "getting things done!" There's an attitude that managers must develop and maintain for everyone to succeed! Discover it here!

This game of hip hop artist management is not just a title. It's a command, a reminder as well as an affirmation that you'll see and hear each time you glance at your shelf!

An actual business plan you can use!

You need a business plan in order to succeed in business. Even if you're not looking for investors for your venture, mapping out a strategy with goals and targets is one of the best ways to ensure your success!

The Hip Hop Entrepreneur Record Label Business Planis not just a title. It's a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to business. It's a reminder that even a passion for your favorite, underground music, fashion, literature, art and culture can be a source of business success.

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